The Van Allen Belt

The Van Allen Belt is the pop concept of multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Benjamin Ferris. The project enlivens a style of patchwork storytelling in an experimental electronic environment as fronted by vocalist Tamar Kamin and engineered by sound designer Scott Taylor.

Visual accompaniment would become a permanent addition to the live show as Taylor became the group’s sound designer and engineer. Once they had refined a live concept, they began touring more frequently and between national performances the group continued with home recordings. Fluctuating between psychedelic arias, grandiose cinematic scores, off-kilter jazz and swirling breakbeats, the Songs EP received international reviews from The Wire Magazine.

Steeped in a twisted, awkwardly-wry lyrical nostalgia for 1960's girl group pop a la Burt Bacharach/Phil Spector, the group has received strong critical and underground approval. An invitation to play with Stereolab and Atlas Sound soon followed.

The group continue to work on multiple new albums, with upcoming European tours as a particular focus.

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