Dinosoul is an American dark pop, indie rock band formed by partners Donny Donovan (vocals, guitar) and Carolyn Hilliard (vocals, keyboard) from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2016. Donovan and Hilliard formed this band after only a year of being together and realizing that they had something beautiful and special to share with the universe based on what they were experiencing since meeting each other. This is Carolyn’s first band and first time song writing. She was so nervous to sing in front of Donny who is an avid singer, songwriter and performer. After months of encouragement from Donny, Carolyn finally broke free and Dinosoul was formed. They have faced and overcame many challenges that have forced them to grow resulting in their own healing and spiritual growth both as individuals and a partnership. Through trials and tribulations, they realized that the journey on Earth, although painful at times, is beautifully orchestrated if you TRUST and allow it to flow. One of their favorite quotes to live by is “Pain is Medicine. Pleasure is disease.” They now know that they met each other to spread this awareness through their expression. Their music and lyrics touch people on a universal level and find you when you are ready as stated in their mission statement spoken at every show.

Dinosoul's sound is a merge of electronic drum hip-hop/metal beats with indie-pop new wave guitar rhythms. It is then layered with ambient synth and keyboard piano melodies, topped off with intricate guitar leads and two female vocalists - one lower and raspy, and the other ethereal and airy. The raw, haunting vocals of Donny coupled with Carolyn's angelic harmonies make for an experience that is guaranteed to stay with you.

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