Bindley Hardware Co.

To call the Bindley Hardware Co. a country band is accurate in the same way that the Ohio is a river. The real story is so much more complex. Jon Bindley, the lead singer and mastermind behind the band’s debut album, Ever Satisfactory, creates music that transcends a simple description and hearkens back to a different era of music. Bindley describes the music as “Rustbelt Americana,” and it’s easy to make comparisons to bands such as The Jayhawks and Uncle Tupelo. But there’s also an unquantifiable element that partially stems from his family history: the band name is taken from a hardware store his great-great uncle owned from 1880 through 1910. Bindley realizes that country music in an urban setting is not always met with open arms unless it’s a Kenny Chesney stadium concert. Despite that obstacle, he finds that once people hear the Bindley Hardware Co., preconceived notions tend to disappear.

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