Bat Zuppel

Upon forming in 2013, Pittsburgh band Bat Zuppel took its moniker by scrambling the names of frontman Zach Bronder and bassist Matt Ruppel. Stare at the names for a second and you’ll see it.

Got it?

The sound of Bat Zuppel is equally scrambled, a surging blend of punk, noise, indie rock and psych that keeps you guessing what’s about to come at you next. It’s a little Pavement, a little Jesus Lizard, a little Built to Spill on speed, and it’s a head-spinning, sometimes jarring, sometimes beautiful concoction. The music is controlled madness, a slightly unhinged sound that’s constantly on the edge of spilling over, but always managing to keep it together; it’s delightful mania in a careful package.

It’s no surprise that Bat Zuppel is a loud live band. Its performances offer a kind of electricity, which fills the room as the members create a catchy cacophony.

Over the past few years, the band has toured the Midwest and shared stages with Andrew W.K., The Toasters, Pee-lander Z and The Nude Party.

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